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Immersive Training for Scrum and Agile Leadership Courses

The immersive training format for the Scrum and Agile Leadership Workshops comprises shorter training sessions spread over several weeks, up to 7 weeks. This approach enables participants to immediately apply acquired knowledge in their work environment, complemented by weekly reflections to enrich the learning experience.

Published: 30th January 2024
A case for Agile and Scrum Training with ValueHut

Across the continent, there is an abundance of individuals and organisations that offer Scrum and Agile Training; however, at ValueHut we have the best Agile and Scrum Facilitators that are passionate about building agile capabilities. This article describes in detail the structure and content of our course content.

Published: 10th August 2023
Impact of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase on Organisation Agility

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as a separate practice increases the time to market for products and organisations that are serious about improving their agility capabilities should consider integrating the UAT process as part of the product delivery timebox e.g. Sprint for Scrum Teams. This article describes 3 patterns and approaches for integrating the UAT process for each pattern described.

Published: 2nd August 2023
Unlocking Organisational Agility: Key product metrics every business leader should measure

As a business leader, it is important to understand why you want your product teams to adopt agile ways of working and then decide how to measure progress towards the business outcomes that have been decided. In this blog, we explore five (5) fundamental metrics that can help you measure your progress towards the effort to develop organisational agility capabilities.

Published: 24th July 2023
Five Traits of Agile Leaders

Scrum and other agility frameworks thrive on self-organising / self-managing teams. Organisational agility implies the whole organisation is an interdependent network of self-managing teams; organisations such as these require a different type of leadership at different levels within the organisation.

Published: 23rd July 2023
Case Study: How we rescued a start-up project within 3months

Case study of how we rescued a start up that was delayed for 18months due to issues such as lack of trust which seemingly led to low morale within the Scrum team and ultimately affected the quality of the product being delivered to customers.

Published: 15th March 2023
Agility for Improved Business Outcomes

Do you know what it means for an organization to be agile? Most people associate it with terms like quick, flexible, faster time-to-market and dynamic.

Published: 6th February 2023