Immersive Training for Scrum and Agile Leadership Courses

Date posted: 30th January 2024blog-post-cover

Professional development through training plays a crucial role in the success of organizational transformation initiatives. Training equips employees with essential information, enabling them to understand the impact of the change and their role within the proposed transformation. ValueHut has successfully delivered agile workshops in a 2-day intensive format. However, recognizing the challenges organizations face in dedicating two full days to training coupled with the sheer volume of knowledge condensed into the 2-day workshop format, we now offer an alternative format - “Immersive Training.”

The immersive training format for the Scrum and Agile Leadership Workshops comprises shorter training sessions spread over several weeks, up to 7 weeks. This approach enables participants to immediately apply acquired knowledge in their work environment, complemented by weekly reflections to enrich the learning experience. By focusing on predefined outcome areas each week and incorporating discussions on real-world case studies from participants' workplaces, the immersive format enhances practical application and relevance for employees. 

At the end of each session, participants are assigned outcome-based assignments to implement with their teams at work, followed by reflective sessions where they receive feedback from peers and professional Scrum trainers, fostering continuous improvement.

Why Immersive Training for Your Organization?

The key differentiator lies in its ability to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom, encouraging participants to apply newfound knowledge in their professional roles.

  • Participants can affect positive change in their work environments immediately.

  • Real-world application increases engagement, motivation, and personal investment, leading to more effective learning.

  • Hands-on classroom learning provides valuable practice before implementing new skills in the workplace.

  • Opportunities for collaboration create a dynamic environment, exposing participants to diverse ideas and deepening their understanding.

  • Collaborate with peers and a Professional Scrum Trainer; building a support network that has proven useful even after the training

Available training:

The following courses can be delivered in the immersive training format:

To enrol your employees in one of these classes, please send our class booking team an email here and for more information, visit our website to explore our course offerings.