ValueHut Limited

ValueHut is an agile coaching and training consultancy that is helping Organisations transform into a network of interdependent product teams across different business units. The desire for transformation is driven by a need to respond to changing customer needs and capabities to continually deliver products that delight users. Our coaches work with product teams to improve their cross-functional and self-managing capabilities. Leaders are supported and coached to develop the capabilities required to create enabling work environments for these teams to succeed.

Our mission

We support organizations to build a safer workplace where employees are able to bring their authentic selves to solve complex problems; a workplace where managers and leaders are true servant-leaders that truly care about the team and the work that they do. The culture and mindset that we co-create with you for your organisation provide your people the capabilities to ensure that they are able to deliver valuable products and services to your customers sustainably.

What we do

Embarking on a journey to build agility into the DNA of an organisation could be daunting; for this reason we partner with you, leveraging our experiences with proven Agile Frameworks to co-create better ways of working. The outcomes that we deliver enables our clients to deliver better, safer and valuable products and services.



Developing Organisation agility capabilities is a complex journey of Learning and Unlearning that involves executives, mid-level managers, and the teams across the organisation. Organisation Agility is a necessity due to increasingly pressure to adapt to changing customer's needs and reduce the time to market at the same time. Our Agile Coaches support the organisation to define the business outcomes for agility and subsequently co-create initiatives to deliver these outcomes across the entire organisation. Our team of Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Agile Trainers provide support for the Leadership Team and the teams across the organisation. We measure the success using context specific agile metrics built on the outcomes created within our coaching engagement.
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Our training courses have been carefully designed to provide individuals and teams with skills that help kickstart the journey to better ways of working. These classes are structured to be engaging, interactive and laced with loads of real life case studies; including the experiences of our trainers. Our lead trainer is the first Professional Scrum Trainer in Nigeria and we offer a number of bespoke Agile classes that are packaged based on your organisational needs. You can book for any of our live or virtual public classes from our training page; and you can contact us for bespoke or private classes.
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Established product delivery teams often face challenges related to adoption of Agile Practices such as Test Automation, Continuous Delivery, Product Backlog Management, Behaviour Driven Development and many more. Our team of Agile Consultants help your Organisation build internal capabilities with Agile practices whilst helping you deliver on agreed initiatives, products or project.
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Previous clients

The blog

post-coverUnlocking Organisational Agility: Key product metrics every business leader should measure

As a business leader, it is important to understand why you want your product teams to adopt agile ways of working and then decide how to measure progress towards the business outcomes that have been decided. In this blog, we explore five (5) fundamental metrics that can help you measure your progress towards the effort to develop organisational agility capabilities.

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post-coverCase Study: How we rescued a start-up project within 3months

Case study of how we rescued a start up that was delayed for 18months due to issues such as lack of trust which seemingly led to low morale within the Scrum team and ultimately affected the quality of the product being delivered to customers.

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post-coverAgility for Improved Business Outcomes

Do you know what it means for an organization to be agile? Most people associate it with terms like quick, flexible, faster time-to-market and dynamic.

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