ValueHut Limited

ValueHut is an agile coaching and training consultancy that is helping Organisations focus on most valuable work by aligning their strategy to execution across all units of the business; we have supported our clients to build a mindset that enables them to build the capabilities to continuouslly delight their customers. In addition, these organisation have developed the skills to make work a safe place where employees are motivated to deliver value to their customers.

Our mission

Helping entire organizations to focus on most valuable work.Supporting organizations to make the work a safer place where people are able to bring their authentic selves to solve complex problems.Building a mindset that enables you to continue delight your customers by delivering valuable products.

What we do

Embarking on a journey to build agility into the DNA of an organisation could be daunting one. We partner with you, leveraging our experiences with proven Agile Frameworks to co-create alternate ways of working with clear outcomes aligned with enabling the organisation to continue to deliver valuable products.


Previous clients

The blog

post-cover5 Traits of Agile Leaders

Scrum and other agility frameworks thrive on self-organising / self-managing teams. Organisational agility implies the whole organisation is an interdependent network of self-managing teams; organisations such as these require a different type of leadership at different levels within the organisation.

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