A case for Agile and Scrum Training with ValueHut

Date posted: 10th August 2023blog-post-cover

Valuehut Limited is an Agile Consultancy founded by experienced practitioners, and we pride ourselves as the only member of the Scrum.org Profession Training Network with an indigenous Professional Scrum Trainer in Nigeria.

Our Lead Trainer, Sam Adesoga, is the first Professional Scrum Trainer in Nigeria and the second in Africa. We have partnerships with a number of Agile Trainers who are Agile Practitioners, actively working with clients across the continent and other parts of the world

Our Agile and Scrum classes are highly regarded, and below are some reasons for you to train with us:

  • Blended Learning Mode: Our training facilitators employ a mix of learning techniques that put attendees at the center of their learning. We do not use PowerPoint in our training, and our classes are facilitated in an interactive manner. Some of the course delivery techniques used are 

    • Training from the back of the Room.

    • Use of Breakout rooms, either in-person or virtual.

    • Students are encouraged to take notes throughout the day.

    • Pre-class and Post-class materials are provided to students and many more.

       These techniques encourage active participation, collaboration, and engagement.

  • Case Studies and Activities: Our course content is infused with approximately 25 case studies, providing additional context to our classes' learning. These case studies represent typical scenarios that our students should expect to encounter as they begin to use their newly acquired knowledge at work. Attendees tackle these case studies in smaller groups; which provides them with opportunities to learn from each other, and the course facilitators provide feedback on each of these case studies in order to bring the learning outcomes in each case study to life. 

  • Real-world examples: Throughout the class, our facilitators share real-world stories of their experiences at work. These success and failure stories provide our attendees with more information on how the learning can be integrated into their own work. The intent is to provide attendees with significant insights that they have encountered in the workplace, bridging the gap between theory and reality.

  • Post-Class Support: After every class, attendees are invited into our community of Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches, where you can ask any questions that relate to your experience of adopting the Agile Principles and Practices. Using technologies such as Slack, we facilitate an online community where participants can connect, share experiences, ask questions, and seek guidance from trainers and colleagues. This ongoing support fosters continuous learning and collaboration even after the training.

Our most popular training offerings are the Scrum.org accredited classes; the training content is curated and supported by 350+ global Scrum.org trainers. This ensures that the training materials remain current, relevant, and in line with the most recent industry experiences.

For our Scrum.org classes, each class is associated with an assessment, and the class fee includes two attempts at the accompanying assessment. For example, an attendee at the Professional Scrum Master class would have 2 attempts at the Professional Scrum Master I assessment.

View our training schedule to book yourself into an upcoming class.