Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence Based Management
Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence Based Management

About this Course

Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management is a 1-day workshop where participants become familiar with the Evidence-Based Management framework and how to apply it to their work through hands-on, activity-based learning. The class activities help attendees learn techniques that help set and achieve strategic goals through experimentation and adapting goals. Attendees also learn how to move away from measuring progress solely through team performance metrics towards a focus on customer-centricity, improving customer outcomes.

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Course Learning Objectives

The course objectives include:
  • Understand goals and measures and an understanding of how they influence behaviours, culture and values
  • Create Evidence-based Leadership as a management approach across the organisation
  • Discover how goals and trust help promote an environment that enables autonomy, transparent and value delivery
  • Correlate Product and Market leadership to experimentation and adaptation
  • Understand how to use EBM and its Key Value Areas to derive a balanced set of metrics to improve the market value and organisation capabilities to deliver value

Who should attend?

The PAL-EBM is strongly recommended for anyone in a leadership role who is willing to explore ways of being an Evidence-based Leader.
  • Leaders who are responsible for the success of product delivery and agile transformation programmes
  • Leaders that seek a framework which help identify areas of improvement in their organisational capabilities for the delivery of value effectively
  • Leaders that desire alternative measures to traditional and vanity measures e.g. the Use of Velocity
  • Leaders that want to articulate strategic goals and measures in a manner that promotes self-management and helps connect the work of the team to the value delivered to the users of the product

Assessment Certification

All participants will receive a password to attempt the will receive a password to attempt the PAL-EBM assessment. PAL-EBM participants who attempt the associated assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

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