Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development
Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development

About this Course

The APS is a hands-on course where attendees experience the practices required to deliver quality software products using Scrum with Agile and DevOps practices. Attendees work in Scrum Teams over three (3) to four (4) creating a software product to learn Scrum while using the Scrum Framework. Packaged with the course is a free attempt at the gloablly recognised Professional Scrum Developer I certification assessment (PSD I). The course is highly recommended for Software Teams that already work together in an organisation to improve their ways of working using Scrum. The class is delivered over three (3) days (8hrs per day) offering attendees a real-world view of building software with scrum

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Course Learning Objectives

The course objectives include:
  • Experience true collaboration between Development, Product Owner and the Scrum Master in the process of building and delivery a high quality and valuable product
  • Teach developers how to apply modern Agile enginerring practices and Devops tools to the process of building and delivering working software
  • Learn and practice the synergy between the elements of the Scrum Framework and complimentary practices
  • Be introduced to and exprience practices such as Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Agile Testing, DevOps, Managing Technical Debt and more.

Who should attend?

  • Members of a Product Team involved in delivering and developing Software including architects, programmers, database developers, testers, managers, Operations and others including Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Managers with a Technical/Programming background that want to experience 3days in the life of a Software Developer working within a Scrum Team
  • Entire Scrum/Product Teams that would like to learn how to improve the quality of their product

Assessment Certification

All participants will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) assessment. APS-SD class attendees who attempt the PSD I assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

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