Agility for Improved Business Outcomes

Date posted: 6th February 2023blog-post-cover

Do you know what it means for an organization to be agile? Most people associate it with terms like quick, flexible, faster time-to-market and dynamic. At Valuehut, we define Agility as a mindset that drives innovative ways of working, leading, and thinking. With an agile mindset, teams can collaborate, solicit feedback, and deliver valuable products to stakeholders in a complex business environment.  An additional benefit of developing agile capabilities is that the employees are happier and with increased morale which is competitive advantage to these organisations.

Agility isn't just for software products. It can be applied to various fields, including non-software products, services, policy-making, and more. Our consultants have helped improve ways of working for corporate governance teams, engineers, communication agencies, and marketing teams. If your business is subject to unpredictable changes, then you should consider embracing agility and its principles to manage complexity.

The rapidly changing business world demands organisations adopt agility. COVID-19 is a good example of how organizations had to quickly adapt to changes. Developing an agile mindset across an organization is a long-term journey requiring leaders to embody customer-centricity, trust, courage, and more. These leaders create an environment for teams to experiment with a body of principles, processes, and tools in order to find a balance that works well within the organisations context. Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban make the adoption process easier.

Let our agile coaches and consultants support your organisations journey towards agility. With experience in various industries, including Telecommunications, Banking, FinTech, and Media, we understand each case is unique. Contact us today or enroll in our Agile and Scrum courses for a deeper understanding. Visit our website or email us at for more information.